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Trioplast's production works by injection molding machines and oven rotational moulding machine efficient and highly innovative Due to both manufacturing and the eco save technology, the transformation process of thermoplastic materials into plastic articles is made by fully automated system thanks to a process working effectively for 24 consecutive hours.

Trioplasttechnical service:

  • support the customer during the design and building process of molds
  • suggests to the customer the most suitable work equipment and recommend how to optimize the production process
  • follows the realization of molds and samples
  • organize the necessary test to ensure the quality of the finished products

The Trioplast storehouse covers an area of around 27000 sq. ft.; it's equipped with drive-in and drive-through shelving structures which allows to optimize the use of the area.

Trioplast involves a department to the assembly work equipped with two automatic systems, packaging and palletizing.

In 1996 Trioplast obtained the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9002, consequently updated to the new UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Upon customer requests Trioplast provides products certification or guarantees of the material used.


Trioplast always pays attention to the needs of the market which requires high quality eco-friendly products. The protection of the environment is a moral philosophy and Trioplast remember this criteria at each production phase. All items produced by Trioplast are made in harmony with nature, starting from the control of energy consumption and reduce emissions thanks to a responsible management of resources. All items produced by Trioplast are 100% recyclable and many of them are made with materials from 100% recycled sources.